The newly revamped PowerPoint template “IST Metz - PPT Master 2018.potx” is used for internal as well as external presentations. It provides master slides for five areas:

  • Content IST Metz
  • Content INDUSTRIAL
  • Content PRINT
  • Content SERVICE
  • Chapter markers
  • Main visuals

Specific PPT templates with the respective country logos are available for the global service and sales branches.

Use of master slides

Content IST METZ

Higher-level company topics, which cannot be clearly assigned to any one of the three units PRINT, INDUSTRIAL or SERVICE, can be identified by the three-coloured brand icon stripes in the footer. Topics such as company history and structure, UV and LED technologies in general or internal topics such as 360° presentations can be created with this master slides.


Topics from the area of coating and adhesion can be identified by the ultramarine-blue colour code. Use these master slides to create content on UV systems for surface curing in the industrial area.

Content PRINT

Applications and products used in the graphic arts industry are presented in a yellow-green style. Topics such as UV curing in the various printing processes or special finishing options are assigned to the “Content PRINT” master slides.


All topics relating to the IST service offer, from spare parts sales to Consulting and Training and the remodelling of UV systems, are presented on the silver-grey master slides.

Chapter markers

Chapter markers are used to draw the audience’s attention to the fact that the presentation now deals with a different topic and chapter markers are colour-matched to the relevant specialist topic.

Main visuals

A selection of main visuals is available to connect topics within a specialist area (IST, PRINT, INDUSTRIAL, SERVICE).

Good presentations...

  • …feature an agenda that allows the audience to identify different concepts
  • …have very little text – no more than 6 bullet points
  • …are clearly structured
  • …are presented freely – the text serves as “keyword lead”
  • …focus on the essential elements
  • … are tailored to the target group (audience) and use accessible language
  • …use pictures and graphics to illustrate the issue – “a picture paints a thousand words”


Slogan "We Have The Cure"

The slogan “WE HAVE THE CURE” is used at the product and service level. The slogan is a fixed component of all advertisements for the PRINT, INDUSTRIAL and SERVICE areas. The tagline and contact information form a visual unit that should preferably be placed in the bottom area of the advertisement. For job advertisements, we use the company tagline “Energy in Light” instead of the slogan “WE HAVE THE CURE”.


Print advertisements and online banners follow a uniform structure and contain the following elements:

  1. Brand icon + IST brand
  2. Headline    
  3. Subline (colour code)
  4. Slogan “We Have the Cure” incl. contact line
  5. Full-screen (product) image
  6. Abstracted brand icon as footer (colour code)

Additional elements, such as information on exhibits, continuous text for larger ad formats or the brand icon as a stylistic element, can be included if they can seamlessly integrate into the existing pictorial and conceptual structure.

Business units

The advertisement design is based on the colour codes defined for the business units PRINT, INDUSTRIAL and SERVICE. Correspondingly, the subline and the brand icon in the footer are coloured ultramarine-blue, yellow-green or silver-grey. If there is little contrast between the subline and the background image, the subline can also be placed on a coloured background that is in keeping with the colour code.

Advertisements for sales and service branches

The design of advertisements for the regional branches conforms to the general specifications. Contact information and logo are adapted to the respective sales branch.

Job advertisements

You can choose from four different designs for job advertisements (Word template).

The advertisements are structured according to a consistent scheme and contain the following information:


  1. Logo    
  2. Main visual
  3. Reference to Metz Holding
  4. Job title, displayed in the ultramarine-blue bar
  5. Company description
  6. Job description (Field of activity, Qualification, We offer)
  7. Contact us and Top100 signet

Business stationery

Business cards

The business cards are one-sided printed on 335 g/m² crystal-white cardboard in 90 x 54 mm format. Both for IST Metz GmbH and sales and service network, brand icon and IST brand are covered with a glossy spot coating.