Coating and bonding

UV systems from IST METZ are used for different working widths for 2D and 3D applications. The surface treatment of three-dimensional objects makes special demands on curing technology. We therefore offer a number of solutions for a wide variety of requirements of UV coatings – including heat-sensitive materials.


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Products from the IST METZ Group allow you to coat, bond or metallise plastics. Application examples are automotive parts for interior and exterior, household appliances, displays, cases for cosmetics, medical tapes and PVC flooring.


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We offer air-cooled UV systems for curing solvent-based, solvent-free or water-based UV varnishes when coating metal. UV varnish guarantees coated parts a high level of protection from corrosion. UV technology is suitable for objects with a complex geometric design that are commonly used in the automotive industry.


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With the UV systems of IST METZ it is possible to cure coatings and refinements of plastic parts within the scope of different processes. Examples of this are the curing of top coats, protective coatings or scratch-resistant hardcoating.


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Energy storage systems

Energy storage systems are widely used: in batteries for electric cars, in fuel cells, in energy storage systems in private and commercial buildings and in electronic products for end consumers. IST METZ sees itself not only as a supplier of UV systems but also as a development partner for manufacturers of battery systems and plant manufacturers.


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Wood & wood materials

Depending on the requirements, wood and wood materials are printed with a range of UV curing finishes, e.g. fillers, sealants, base and top coats and varnished using UV inks. The UV technology is used for the partial curing and pinning, for the pre-gelation and for matting and final curing of finishes and inks.


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Coatings of automotive parts can be cured using UV systems from IST METZ as part of many different processes (e.g. varnishing, gluing). Special effects, such as a special high-gloss finish on automotive fittings, anti-finger print or scratch resistance, can be achieved using UV systems.


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High-resolution and colourful displays are the window to the information universe. IST METZ sees for manufacturers of displays not only as a supplier of UV, LED and excimer systems, but also as a development partner, for example in the areas of OLED, QLED, LCD and photo alignment. Applications in the fields of UV cleaning, surface modification and surface activation can be implemented by using excimer solutions.


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Coil Coating

The IST METZ Group supplies specially developed UV drying systems for processing aluminium coils, metal coils, stainless coils or wires. UV coating is mainly used to achieve corrosion protection, scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint properties or to cure primers. IST UV systems are specially designed for use in coil coating.


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Pharma/ Medical

IST METZ offers tailor-made systems and solutions for the healthcare industry, GMP-compliant process development, professional support and laboratory services for a wide range of applications with LED and UV systems. The systems implemented, for example for bonding processes, low-migration crosslinking of acrylic adhesives with enormously high degeres of crosslinking for the curing of hydrogels, are optimally supported by our services.


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IST METZ UV dryers can be used to cure coatings of paper, films or PVC plastics in a wide variety of processes. IST METZ UV systems are used for the application and subsequent final curing of cationic or radical silicones, for example.


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Other materials

UV systems from IST METZ are also used to coat numerous other materials such as glass, stone, carbon/glass fibre-reinforced plastic or wood. IST Metz supplies UV systems with a lamp length of up to 2.30 m. We would be delighted to advise about coatings for your specific material.


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