The group in Germany develops and manufactures the core components of the UV systems to the highest quality standards. These include, among other things, reflectors, electronic power supply devices and UV lamps with a direct impact on the curing result. eta plus electronic GmbH develops and manufactures UV lamps and electronic components and S1 Optics is responsible for optical coatings on the reflectors.


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UV lamps

The reliability of a UV unit depends considerably on the quality of the installed UV lamps. To guarantee a high quality standard, IST METZ founded eta plus electronic gmbh in 1988 which is responsible for the in-house manufacturing of all IST UV lamps. Developed for diverse applications with adapted emission spectra, the UV lamps are manufactured for the industrial application of UV units for the efficient curing of UV inks, varnishes and adhesives on substrates including wood, paper, plastic, metal and glass.


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UV LEDs are used anywhere their specific advantages are required. LED UV units can be used as soon as they are switched on. They release very little heat on to the substrate, which means they can be positioned very close to the substrate surface, i.e. at a distance of 10 to 20 mm. The compact systems are cascadable and have a particularly long service life.


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IST METZ UV systems are fitted with standard aluminium reflectors or CMK (cold mirror) reflectors depending on the characteristics of the substrate used. CMK-reflectors are used for heat-sensitive materials as they absorb heat-producing infra red energy and reflect only the UV energy.


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Electronic power supply units

The ELC range of electronic power supply units have been developed specifically to operate UV lamps. They optimise production safety in the print room and also reduce operating costs. They contain all the components for lamp ignition and process control.


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UV Measurement

IST METZ offers either stationary or mobile UV measurement units. Stationary units are integrated into the UV system and the production process is therefore in a closed-cycle and consequently runs under constant conditions. Mobile measurement units are available as inspection units and units for measuring specific UV radiation intensity.


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