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For more than 40 years IST METZ has been producing and selling UV systems for curing printed products, inks, varnishes and silicones. What many do not know: The emission of UV lamps also inactivates the DNA of harmful microorganisms in air, water and on surfaces. UV cleaning processes also play an important role in the display and semiconductor industries. In many industrial sectors and applications, short-wave excimer technology is used for this purpose, for example for matting, bleaching or for cleaning and modifying surfaces.




Excimer technology is used in many industrial sectors and applications. Irradiating surface coatings with short-wave excimer beams polymerizes the top layer, forming a thin, cured film on the surface. As polymerization also results in shrinkage, the film close to the surface exhibits microfolds which create a matt surface. UV cleaning methods play a key role in the display and semiconductor sector. Very short wavelength UV light (peak value 172 nm) is used to break up the bonds in organic substances. Additional generation of ozone oxidizes these contaminants into carbon dioxide and water. The result is a clean surface.


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Air sterilisation


The SARS and flu pandemics during the last decade showed to the entire world that a medical airborne problem can have a significant social and economic impact. 


The importance of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) - or in other words the possibility to transmit pathogenic materials by air, became widely known to the public and the authorities.


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