UV printing


Not a day goes by without UV. Around the world, people get in touch with UV-printed or UV-coated products. The labelling on a shampoo bottle in the shower, the direct mail on the doorstep, the flexible packaging containing the soup and the tempting creativity of the fine chocolate box passed round after dinner. Without knowing, UV touches our lives in more ways than imagined possible and helps to create imaginative and diverse products to satisfy our needs and desires.

In the graphic arts industry, UV and thermal drying systems have been specifically developed for either direct or mobile installation for all press types.

Rotary offset



  • Natural paper
  • Coated paper
  • NCR paper
  • Thermal paper
  • Compounds
  • Aluminium laminated paper


  • Forms
  • Direct mail
  • Cheques
  • Lottery tickets
  • Labels
  • Packaging
  • Newspapers and supplements (UV coldset)

Advantages of rotary offset UV presses

  • Immediate curing in the press
  • Further in-line processing can be carried out immediately
  • Consistent print quality
  • Printing on practically all substrates (including non-absorbent materials)
  • High ink coverage at high speeds
  • Minimal thermal load on the substrate
  • Paper does not dry out
  • Solvent-free printing
  • No catalysts / abatement required
  • No environmental damage
  • Low energy consumption compared to other drying systems
  • Minimum space requirement in and around the machine

Characteristics of IST METZ rotary offset UV systems

  • Low thermal load
  • Effective heat management
  • High efficiency via the CMK (cold mirror) and URS / aluminium reflector technology
  • Safe operator environment through extraction etc
  • Long lamp life
  • Stepless power control of UV lamp output
  • UV measurement
  • Compact design
  • Input data logging
  • Alarm logging

Standard Features

  • CMK (cold mirror) reflectors
  • Stepless power control of UV lamp output*
  • Exhaust air extraction*
  • Ink mist extraction
  • Ozone extraction
  • UV measurement*
  • Water-cooling
  • Installation on chill roll
  • Operator terminal with input data and alarm logging*

(*depending on type of system)