Optimize the added value of your UV curing system! Get a firm grip on the future with IST METZ aftersales services. Here we provide both reactive and preventive servicing, enabling you to increase the added value of your optical systems by optimizing or updating it, or through other individual measures. This guarantees the most economical use of your uv curing equipment. Whatever sphere of application you operate in, our intensive and individual services form the basis of your success. Lifetime of your UV system can extend over many times.



Our UV, LED and IR systems are highly productive – to keep it that way in the long term, we provide a variety of services to help to maintain your productivity. A professional installation and regular inspections and servicing guarantee consistent high production quality.


Our individual services ensure constantly high machine availability and cost-efficient use of IST UV or LED systems. This in turn keeps malfunctions and machine downtimes to a minimum.

ASSIST services (= maintenance contract)

Put together the individual services you require from our ASSIST service package. Select between ASISST ON DEMAND, ASSIST ADVANCED, ASSIST PROFESSIONAL and ASSIST PREMIUM




Tecnical Service

If a fault accurs, highly-qualified service engineers based in 9 subsidiaries all over the world provide rapid on-site assistance and repair advice. Preventive measures such as servicing, including an inspection of the current state of the system, tests of all safety features, adjustments to operating parameters or the preventive replacement of wear parts are all IST Metz services.


Service and assembly


Expert support for your request

Experts from Technical Service are available to deal with your issue either on the phone, via e-mail or remote service and will always attempt to find you, the customer, a direct, rapid solution to the problem. Please contact us if you have any questions!


Service and assembly


New installation and commissioning

Professional fitting and installation of all components and a check on all functions taking account of production parameters are a prerequisite for a full system warranty. The same needs to be observed when moving machines (so-called “used equipment”) or retrofit. IST engineers commission the system on site and instruct the customer in how to handle the curing unit correctly.


Service and assembly


Original Spare parts

The use of genuine parts minimizes expensive downtime and reduces replacement. Our IST shop provides on-site “first-aid” equipment. Key components such as UV lamps, reflectors, power supply devices or measuring equipment are manufactured within the Group. We provide a professional recycling service of IST lamps for the environmentally-friendly disposal of mercury vapour lamps. Just get in touch!


Spare Parts and IST shop REPAIR-/Return REQUEST


Update and repair of UV units

IST systems are frequently run for 20 years. If required, systems can be equipped with the latest-generation software and hardware components. If a fault occurs, we offer a direct on-site repair service. In addition to fixing the damage, all operating parameters will be checked to rule out further faults or defective parts on a preventive basis (Quick Check). Alternatively, you can send your faulty system straight to us by making use of a repair request.


Service and Assembly Repair request



The core task of the UV Technology Center is to provide application engineering advice (UV/LED/Excimer and IR technology) on all matters for economical opparation. The IST METZ laboratory is available to determine the optimum system and production parameters for each customer's individual products. Please contact us! 


UV Technology Center