Steritube (air sterilisation)


Since the year 2000 studies came available which proved the significant effect of air quality levels in the whole spectrum of air treatments. The SARS and f u pandemics during the last decade showed to the entire world that a medical airborne problem can have a signifi ant social and economic impact.


The Steritube systems feature the unique, patented UVPE technology (Ultraviolet Pathogenic Elimination) for air disinfection. They are used for the deactivation of micro-organisms harmful to humans, environment and food. As an official partner, IST Metz is now distributing the products together with Virobuster®.


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  • The reduction of fungi, bacteria and viruses does have a significant impact on the air quality and would be beneficial for several medical departments.
  • Health care facilities show naturally a much higher concentration of (dangerous) micro-organism then normal facilities like offi ces or even at home. A longer stay in high contaminated air means – in the sum – a doubles the risk of catching an airborne contamination.
  • Improved air quality could benefi t IC patients during recovery, prevent vulnerable patients (bone marrow, chemo, etc.) catching a normally harmful cold virus. TBC or MRSA Patients could be preventive isolated or normally


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Steritube is...

For over 40 years IST Metz (Nürtingen, Germany) has been producing and selling UV systems for curing of inks, coatings and silicones. Something many people do not know: The emission of UVC light also inactivates the DNA of harmful microorganisms in the air, water and on surfaces by 99.99%.


The UV lamps are manufactured by the IST subsidiary eta plus and were also used for the disinfection of the municipal water supply e.g. in Basel, Paris and San Francisco.


In cooperation with Virobuster GmbH – a specialist in air disinfection since 2002 – Virobuster and IST combine their know-how in the development and distribution of air disinfection systems.


  • All published studies confirm the effectiveness of UVC light against corona viruses. Corona viruses are very similar in their structure, which is why future mutations are very likely to become inactivated by UVC light1.
  • Steritube’s UV technology increases air purity with regard to the content of airborne bacteria2.
  • The effectiveness of UVC modules compared to conventional fi lter elements regarding the inactivation of airborne viruses has been proven by data3.


1 Heßling; Hönes; Vatter; Lingenfelder (2020): Ultraviolet irradiation doses for coronavirus inactivation – review and analysis of coronovirus photoinactivation studies. GMY Hygiene and Infection Control

2 Aurbach; Wisplinghoff: Ermittlung der Eliminationsrate von Mikroorganismen in der Raumluft durch UVC-Strahlung. Zentrum für Mykologie Köln (ZfMK)

3 Kowalski, W.J. (2009): Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Handbook: UVGI for Air and Surface Disinfection. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg


The respective studies are available upon request.


The reduction of the infection rate is measured in CFU. Numerous parameters such as space volume, air exchange rate, number of disinfection devices or even the number of people are used to calculate the value.


Unlike other air disinfection systems, the UV technology of the Steritube systems does not use chemicals or ozone and is therefore harmless to humans, animals and the environment.


- low air circulation of ambient air

- high life cycle costs

+ low investment costs




+ high air circulation of the complete ambient air

+ high killing rate

+ low life cycle costs

- high investment costs


In comparison with 30 different air sterilizers from 13 manufacturers3, Steritube exceeds the recommendations of the „International Ultraviolet Association“ and achieves an extraordinarily high CADR value. 


The UV dose is more than sufficient to reduce the total amount of airborne bacteria and viruses by more than 99.9%3. A comparison of the HVAC model systems shows that Steritube, in contrast to the Bäro system, is more effective at UVC inactivation of viruses in the air stream4.


4 The Clean Air Delivery Rate ( = CADR) measures an air cleaner‘s effectiveness based on room space and the volume of clean air produced per minute. The higher the CADR, the better.

The respective studies are available upon request.