High-performance UV curing systems

The name IST METZ is associated with highly efficient UV systems with a long service life. To achieve the greatest possible efficiency in industrial curing applications, we use modern tools and systems in software, electronics and production. A long service life is taken into account right back at the development stage of new products: every new UV curing unit runs through a minimum of 1000 hours’ testing in a variety of operating cycles, as well as an additional test for shutter movement.



The drying system for sheet-fed printing

LAMPcure for sheet-fed printing follows a unique concept: the freely programmable and flexibly adjustable shutter position delivers individualized adaptation options to suit materials and energy requirements. Processing thinner substrates at minimum energy input and low machine speeds, for example, is just as feasible as high production speeds with a completely open shutter profile. Both variants provide adequate energy for cross-linking. This makes the FSP concept a true all-rounder in UV system technology and contributes to the efficiency of the overall system in terms of both energy and economics.


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UV technology for inks and coatings

The BLK LAMPcure is a water-cooled UV unit characterized by continuous development over many years. The 7th generation of this tried and tested UV curing unit is now in use, even facilitating lamp outputs of over 200 W/cm. Its slim shape in the direction of passage makes the BLK unit simple to integrate in existing machines. Minimal exhaust air quantities in operation have a positive impact on the efficiency of the overall system and reduce operating costs. The BLK is the highest-selling UV system with a lamp length of up to 2.3 m in the industrial sphere.


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UV technology for printing labels

If purely air-cooled and compact UV systems up to a lamp length of 600 mm are important to you, then the 7th generation of MBS LAMPcure is for you. A new feature of the 7th generation is its design for low-migration applications with improved efficiency at a maximum output of 145 W/cm. The Duo-Reflector used at IST guarantees optimum curing results for uv coatings; this reflector has the best results with regard to deep and surface curing in relation to the amount of energy used. These properties mean that there are many potential options for integrating MBS LAMPcure.


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The unit for high-performance applications

“Thermally sensitive materials preferred” could be a characterization of the MBS-LI unit. Its peak output of max. 270 W/cm at a maximum lamp length of 550 mm is also characteristic of the MBS Li, something which can be required for thick ink coatings as in inkjet printers, for example. The ventilation concept via the top of the housing and closed quartz glass plate on the front simultaneously ensure that the jet process is unaffected. The MBS LI is also used in the industrial sphere when minimal thermal load and high outputs are required. The complete system made up of unit, fan and electronic power supply device is structured in the form of an OEM solution, ensuring an integrative link with the machine/production line.


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Reliable UV curing and pure air cooling

Industrial production requires technologies with reliable and cost-conscious designs. The MBS L now makes available a powerful air-cooled UV unit with a lamp length of 550 to 1600 mm and a max. output of 200 W/cm. Dispensing entirely with water cooling simplifies installation. If required, the unit can also be designed for larger lamp lengths in the form of a complete UV system.


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Energy-minimized drying

The LE UV unit is used in conjunction with specific UV inks and iron-doped lamps. These special inks are highly reactive in the UVA range, which allows the amount of energy/number of dryers used to be reduced. This technology is frequently used for commercial printing. However, it also provides the option of inline finishing. Typically it is installed in perfecting presses before turning and in end-of-press drying.


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UV units for curing inks, adhesives and coatings

Industrial UV units from IST METZ are configured as operational systems, which are suitable for various substrates. Typical spheres of application include the automotive, electronics, plastics, wood and graphical industries. In terms of curing inks, adhesives and coatings UV systems from IST METZ provide key benefits here:


  • FLC (Fast Lamp Change) - clip fitting makes lamps easy to change
  • URS (Universal Reflector System) - guarantees 10000 operating hours
  • ELC-X (electronic power supply devices) - stacking concept for minimal footprint
  • HOT SWAP (replacement of units) - switch between LAMPcure and LEDcure, control unit automatically detects whether to operate an LED or lamps


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Individual customer solutions for your UV systems

Our team is at your disposal from project planning right through to installation of UV curing systems, servicing and spare parts supply. We will provide applications engineering advice and collaborate with you to design the desired UV unit – in terms of original equipment and of retrofitting existing production lines. Profit from reliable technology and the comprehensive know how of IST METZ in various applications!


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